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Lanterne Rouge Cycling Print, Giclee Poster by Brendon Ward (Inkerman Creative)

Lanterne Rouge Cycling Print, Giclee Poster by Brendon Ward (Inkerman Creative)

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We love this print from Brendon Ward (Inkerman Creative) as it brings across the ominous feeling of a rider bringing up the rear in a race...perhaps best expressed by Wim Vansevenant who holds the record for the most last place finishes in the Tour de France with 3:

"Lanterne rouge is not a position you go for," Vansevenant told journalist Sam Abt in 2006 in Bicycling Magazine. "It comes for you."

The "Red Lantern" refers to the rider that is the last place of the Tour de France (or any stage race) at any given time - and comes from the tradition of the last carriage of a train having a red lantern hung from it.


About the Artist

Inkerman Creative is Brendon Ward, an artist and graphic designer who lives in Eaglesham, East Renfrewshire with his wife, two daughters, a dog and only 2 bikes.

Growing up in the 80s, he was obsessed with the Tour de France and that love of cycling has never waned. Being a bit of a roadie and having a few hills around home, has enabled him to enjoy the nuances of road cycling more. This is reflected in his
art - the pain of hitting the hills, the glory of coming last, getting picked up by the broom wagon… 

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Allez Allez.

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