About Us

Our Story

In life. On a bike.

Cycling and coffee go hand in hand regardless of whether it’s a downhiller, courier, commuter or a roadie we’re speaking to. 

People cycle for different reasons - to go fast, to escape, to think and to go see the world. And people drink coffee to go fast, to escape, to think and to go see the world.

We want Petit Yellow Vélo and the coffees we roast to match those moments and to connect to you through the bean and the bike.

Aillio Bullet Roaster from the front

Highlighting the origin of the bean

How We Roast

The origin of the bean - where it came from, what the producers planned for it and its varietal - is incredibly important to us.

So we use responsible and transparent sources for our beans. We roast specialty coffee to make the most of each single origin bean that crosses our path.

This brings you closer to the place itself by highlighting the flavour and aroma that ascends from the terroir, producer and process used.

Grab some beans
Shop Interior with Coffee Bar and Espresso Machine

Roast and ride away...

The Shop

Our coffee shop and roastery in Crieff fits us like a cycling glove.

We have a perfectly formed space to roast in, a coffee making area where you can pick up a takeaway coffee and a locally home-baked cake.

There's a retail space where we stock our beans, unique cycling merch, artwork, apparel and accessories as well as brewing equipment to up your coffee game.

We also want to make it a focal point to support cycling and coffee in the area - there are endless paths, roads, trails and routes here and we want to provide you with a very good coffee whether you are at the start, end or middle of your ride in or visit to the area.

Petit Yellow Vélo female with coffee

Transparent, responsible and unique

Partners and Suppliers

Transparency and responsibility are key for us. So we source our green coffee beans through importers and buyers who provide us with information about the producer(s), the coffee itself and even the breakdown of prices paid and costs.

We're always looking at how we can present this information, so get in touch if there's something you want to know about the coffee we roast.

We also want to make sure our other products are unique and meaningful as well, so we'll always include a bio/info on the producer/artist/author and a link to their site or socials - or even a feature on our news/blog.