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Bella Vista | Jonathan Gasca | Washed | Colombia

Bella Vista | Jonathan Gasca | Washed | Colombia

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Description of Coffee

A balanced single origin, fully washed coffee from Jonathan Gasca in Bella Vista farm in Colombia. Variedad Colombia is the varietal and we roast to light-medium to keep the freshness and juicy notes. 

Brings a clean, bright, elegant and balanced cup of coffee - this is ideal as a filter coffee, but is very versatile, so give it a try in espresso (or however you brew at home).

Details of Coffee

Process: Fully-Washed

In the Cup: Juicy, Chocolate & Nut

Producer: Jonathan Gasca

Farm: Bella Vista

Region: Bruselas, Huila

Country: Colombia

Varietal: Variedad Colombia

Elevation: 1540 masl

Suggested Brewing: Filter, but versatile

Farm and Producer Details

Jonathan Gasca is a young traditional coffee farmer, born in the department with the highest coffee production in Colombia, Pitalito, located in the department of Huila in southern Colombia.

His grandparents and parents were always dedicated to growing coffee, at that time everything they planted and harvested was sold to whoever paid the most, they dedicated themselves to producing quantity, but not quality, this was the most effective way to have a permanent income.

When he was little, Jonathan's dream, like his older brother Johan, was to be a soccer player. All the time they played soccer with friends and neighbours from the town, so a few years later they traveled to Cali to train in a professional team.

Things were not going there well, they were young and did not have much responsibility, they were aware that the rhythm of life they led there, far from their family, would not lead them on the right path, so over time they began to feel alone, they were not earning money and their mother was who sent them to help them, this frustrated them a lot since things did not go the way they wanted... so they decide to return home.

By 2008, the subject of specialised coffee was something new, and together with his uncle and brother, they began to carry out the first tests of planting special coffee in a plot that their father had given them.

The first coffee he brought out was a Honey, he enthusiastically took it to the SKM cooperative, which was where they paid him the best, but unfortunately, they rejected it because of the appearance of the coffee, "there was no trade for coffee," says Jonathan, he was very frustrated since his family did not share his same claims to quality coffee.

Determined to undertake with specialty coffees, he continues to experiment and learn, he is interested in really knowing what he sells, in addition, the Lasso family has great motivation, who are friends well known for their excellent specialty coffees, they have been an example for Jonathan to follow and he is excited to be able to reach the level of his coffees.

Jonathan and Johan dream of worldwide recognition, not only because of the money but because they are proud to continue with their family tradition and raise the good name of the product that has given them everything in life, coffee.

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